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Executive Management...

Highly Qualified and Motivated Executive Professionals

Philip Andrews

Philip is President of Torrance Petroleum a subsidiary of Black Rock Petroleum Co., with over 20 years’ experience in the Minerals and Natural resources Sector. 

Philip has been engaged in the role of Investment Advisor on a wide variety of mineral projects particularly in Russia, FSU and Sub-Saharan Africa, covering Gold, PGMs, Titanium, Tin, Tungsten, Lead & Zinc, Coal, Iron Ore and mineral sands as well as Russian Oil and Gas projects.

Prior to specialising in the natural resource sector, Philip worked at a Moscow based Corporate & Finance Advisory as a specialist within a dedicated International M&A Management. Philip has a license degree in Metaphysics, and is a Principal in Pridolian, an Irish based resource focused investment advisory. Philip is the founder of the Isortoq Titanium-Vanadium Project in Greenland, as well as Vanadium and Zinc exploration projects in Namibia.

Philip is the founder of an Olivine Sequestration Project with potential of mining Tailings as a co-founder of Co2-Zero Ltd (Uk) and Solving Co2 Ltd (Ire) and of developing Olivine deposits through R500 Greenmin Limited.

Philip speaks several languages including Russian, German, French and Spanish. He holds Irish and Russian citizenship.

Executive Leadership

Zoltan Nagy

Zoltan is the President and Principal Controlling Executive Officer of Black Rock Petroleum Company which he founded in 2013..

Zoltan also functions as Financial & Accounting Officer, Treasurer, Secretary, Director

The Company was formed on April 24, 2013 under the laws of the State of Nevada USA

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Louzolo P. Agostinho (Augie)

Current Status: Senior Petroleum Engineer with Venoco in Carpinteria, Santa Barbara County, CA

Previous Position: Senior Petroleum Engineering Consultant – West Africa Upstream Oil & Gas Industry. LeadReservoir Engineer for West Africa Independent producers (SOCO International Plc, Africa Oil & Gas Corporation, AOGC and BB International).  

Senior Petroleum Engineer and Project Supervisor for Chevron Overseas Petroleum Inc. (COPI) at its Headquarters in San Ramon California. Twenty (20) years of Oil and Gas industry experience in Production, Reservoir Engineering and Economic Evaluation.  

Project planning, development and execution processes. Advocate of Integrated Reservoir Management.    

Fluent in English, French and Portuguese (both written and spoken). 

Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering

December 1994, Colorado school of Mines, Golden Colorado, USA 

Bachelor of Engineering in Geological Engineering and Geotechnics,  

Sept 1988, Portsmouth Polytechnic (University of Portsmouth), Hampshire   

Higher National Diploma in Geological Technology for Petroleum Exploration.  July 1984, South London College of Technology, UK  

High School; 1976-77, Lycee de la Liberation, Brazzaville, Republic of Congo. 

Professional Experience

2009 - 21: Senior Petroleum Engineer 

Venoco, for the South Ellwood field, Carpinteria, CA. Production Optimization & Reservoir Engineering Studies. Workover review & Field development planning. Reserves Estimation & Economics. 

2007 - 08: Lead Reservoir Engineer

Africa region, SOCO International Plc. Integrated Reservoir & Production Management of SOCO Africa Portfolio. Field Exploration & Development Planning.  Strategic Planning & Economic Evaluation.

Technical Evaluation  and Economic Valuation of Oil & Gas Properties for Acquisition; Mengo & Kundji Bindi Fields (Old Loeme Permit, Congo), Likouf & Makouala Fields (Marine XIV Permit, Congo). Comprehensive Review and Evaluation of all discoveries and Prospects from Marine XI Permit, Pointe Noire, Congo. 

2005 - 07: Founder and Honorary President

Trinity Oil & Gas (TOG), an Executive Management and Consulting Firm based in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. TOG assists the DRC Ministry of Petroleum on Upstream and Downstream Strategic Planning. 

2003: Founder & President

Kinzembo Corporation (K-Corp), a water purification and bottling company based in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. 

2003 - 07: Oil & Gas Consultant

Argos Minerals and B&B International. Evaluation of West Africa Oil & Gas opportunities (Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  Project management for Bata port development in Equatorial Guinea, West Africa.   

2001 - 03: Senior Petroleum Engineer/Proj Supervisor, San Ramon CA.  

Performed comprehensive review of Kitina field in the Republic of Congo (ROC).  Made Gas lift and ESP designs, and performed comparative evaluation of both in the Kitina field. Made Horizontal well designs for the Kitina field.  Effective team member for the Moho- Bilondo CPDEP process. Key Chevron Texaco representative and facilitator for the Marine IV project in Brazzaville and Pointe Noire (ROC). 

2000 - 01: Senior Petroleum Engineer

Southern Africa SBU in San Ramon CA Oil and gas property evaluation for the onshore, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Reserves review and estimation prior to its acquisition by Perenco. Reserves estimation for China, Bahrain and Venezuela.  

1998–2000: Senior Petroleum Engineer

New Ventures SBU in San Ramon, CA Evaluation of the Cornea Field, Australia (a Joint Venture between Chevron and Shell). Made several trip to Melbourne, Australia to assist Chevron in Project Planning, Development and Execution Process (CPDEP). Represented Chevron at high level Negotiation meetings with Shell Australia.  

1996 - 98: Petroleum Engineer Representative

West Africa Gas Pipeline Project (between Nigeria and Ghana) team. Also provided several cultural orientation sessions to Chevron expatriates prior to their residence assignment to West Africa (Angola, DRC and ROC).  

1995 - 96: Petroleum Engineer

Southern Africa SBU in San Ramon CA Built a reservoir simulation model for Ndola field in Cabinda. Performed a comprehensive evaluation of the Pinda Reservoir. After working with several industry experts on completion, recommended a successful completion strategy for Ndola and kokongo (Pinda) fields. The Completion techniques recommended became the strategy for all Pinda reservoirs in Cabinda. 

1992 - 95: Graduate at Colorado School of Mines, Golden Colorado.  

Thesis Work: Integrated Reservoir Characterization of the Nemba and Lomba fields, area B, Cabinda. Work was key contribution to the Nemba & Lomba field development Plan. 

1988 - 92: Production Engineer with Gulf Oil Co. in Cabinda, Angola 

Monitoring of individual well and gas lift performance. Supervision of wire line and hot oil operations. Performance of rig and non- rig work over operations in Malongo offshore fields. Design and Supervision of the injectivity testing program for the Takula Numbi water flood project. Performance of well and reservoir reviews for production optimization purpose. Lead Production engineer for Toca (carbonate) reservoirs.

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